Peace Fleece Needle Wraps

December 06 2007 – thisisknit

pfneedlewrap.jpg Recently arrived and oh-so-pretty, Peace Fleece Needle Wraps. I know a lot of people have been hunting for these as presents so we now have them up on the website. The Clover "Getaway" needle wraps which we had in stock recently sold out quickly but we're expecting more in stock next week. They will be €13.50 without any needles but we're happy to make them up into kits with as many needles as you like... The class schedule for the New Year is being drawn up as I type (well, not literally...) and I promise it'll be available soon. In the meantime we are hoping to get a lot of website updating done in the next few days so those of you who don't get into the bricks and mortar shop often can expect to see some nice new products up there soon.


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