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September 06 2011 – thisisknit

On Thursday, we're going to have a huge amount of fun introducing you to the new things we've got for Autumn/Winter. Sadly, you can't all be there, so it's only fair to share some of the new things here. (In any case, we were the sort of children who found it very hard to wait till Christmas Day to open the presents.) This time it's not yarn, though. We've found the most beautiful brooches! Some of them are straightforward shawl pins, with a long shaft that securely fastens your shawl to itself: Others show an innovation we've seen nowhere else: magnets. They come in two pieces, both metal, one containing a surprisingly strong magnet. So the brooch doesn't make holes in your fabric - the plain part goes on the inside of your scarf or your coat and holds the decorative part in place through the power of magnetism! The first time we saw these brooches, one was adorning a hat. So they're versatile as well as beautiful. There are stars and flowers and leaves. The other exciting news this week is that we've got blocking wires in stock. We'll do a proper long post on them soon, showing them in use. All that lovely perfectly blocked lace, pinned out in a trice....

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