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  • April 03 2012 – thisisknit

    Where am I?

    Counting rows has been much on our minds lately. The patterns in our Spring Knit-Along feature stretches of regular increasing and decreasing - "work the decrease round every six rows seven times", that sort of thing. Not counting rows at such times gives you weird sleeves. There's many ways of keeping count - you can use a mechanical device like...

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  • February 25 2011 – thisisknit

    The outset

    Cast-ons really get knitters worked up. Some of us are convinced that the only proper way is how we learned as children, or that other people's ways must be better. The toes of some of us curl in glee when we learn a new one (happily, there's always a new one to learn). In this post we thought we'd discuss...

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