April 02 2013 – thisisknit

It's not possible, we've found, to look at this wee cardigan without smiling. The happy colours, the smart Argyle pattern on the fronts, the gently gathered shoulders - ah, just the charm of it. It's the Pia cardigan, from MillaMia's Little Rascals pattern book, and it's made in their Naturally Soft Merino. Unlike a lot of children's patterns, MillaMia's designs come in a wide range of sizes and ages (this cardigan has instructions from 1 year to 5 years), so they're versatile as well as lovely. The yarn's machine washable for convenience and comes in a wide range of colours. It's perfect for children's clothes, and that's what most of MillaMia's pattern books concentrate on. Recently, though, they've branched out into grown-up garments, so the rest of us don't need to feel left out - we'll talk about them soon too. One last thing about our Pia: if you find that you can't decide which colour to use for the buttons, use all of them! As you can see, it never fails. And it makes people smile.

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  • Mendozy: September 16, 2020
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    I smiled! Gorgeous, a real ‘mini me’ look.

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