Townhouse Yarns Projects at Woollinn

May 14 2018 – Lisa

Townhouse Yarns Projects at Woollinn - This is Knit
Townhouse Yarns Projects at Woollinn - This is Knit

Ramble Shawl by Andrea Mowry pictured in colourways Oíche and Prism. 

For the past few weeks Jenny has been dyeing exclusively for Woollinn, creating colour combinations and sets for a (growing!) line up of stunning samples that we will have on display.  During that time we've suspended online sales of  Townhouse Yarns, but don't worry - there should be a big shop update coming in early June. It'll be worth the wait! In the meantime, join us as we feast our eyes on just some of the beautiful project suggestions we have for the Townhouse Yarns range.

Ramble by Andrea Mowry

Jenny dyed a selection of beautiful rich shades on her Drury DK (80% Merino, 10% Nylon & 10% Cashmere), a plump, bouncy, butter-soft yarn base to go with the gorgeous Ramble Shawl by Andrea Mowry.  The colours that caught Lisa's eye and are pictured above are Oíche and Prism and they received Andrea's seal of approval in person! And, so the sample knitting began.     This pattern is perfect for trying out some Brioche knitting. It starts out slow and relaxing with a garter stitch bias (perfect for casting on at Woollinn *cough cough) before moving to a herringbone brioche stitch pattern, shown above.  The herringbone stitch allows you to play with a pop of colour while producing a bouncy soft texture with added depth.

OK, but how much yarn?

The shawl can be knit small or large using 2 or 4 skeins of Drury DK respectively. The sample pictured above uses 4 skeins i.e. 2 full skeins and approximately 40g from each second skein. That leaves enough yarn over for a small cowl or hat. The pattern is written for one size using 4.5 mm needles and 660 yards (604 m) but you can stop a little earlier and have a slightly smaller shawl.  Lisa switched to a 4mm needle for the Brioche section, as did many others who shared their project notes on Ravelry, and this change works well for definition of the herringbone stitch.  

Comfort Fade Cardigan by Andrea Mowry

If you are looking to wrap yourself completely in Drury DK then why not check out Jenny's Comfort Fade cardigan, again by Andrea Mowry. This project came out of one of *those moments* when four skeins of Drury DK ended up next to each other on the counter during a shelf reshuffle. Jenny couldn't get the combo out of her head and decided they had to become this cardi. Soul Warmer in Townhouse Yarns Spires Singles

Soul Warmer by Justyna Lorkowska

If you are looking for a taster of Townhouse Yarns then why not pick up some Spire Singles kits. Jenny has dyed oodles of these super soft mini skeins so that you can play with colour until your heart is content. This project is perfect for playing with different stitch patterns and when using mini skeins you can ensure that stitch definition doesn't get lost in colour.   Feile by Justyna Lorkowska in Townhouse Yarns Fade St. 4-ply

Feile by Justyna Lorkowska

There will be a selection of Fade St. 4ply to go with the fabulous triangular shawl pattern, Feile by Justyna Lorkowska. This shawl allows speckles to take centre stage with a contrasting semi-solid yarn. Justyna design this shawl with Fade St. and describes the shawl as:
Beginning with just a few stitches at one end, the simple garter pattern emerges like a rising phoenix and flies off the needles, leaving behind a versatile wrap of colourful beauty.  
We will, of course, have these beautiful samples on display on the This is Knit stand at Woollinn for you to check out the yarn, the stitching and squish that beautiful texture.  Jenny will be checking in frequently at the This is Knit stand to chat all things Townhouse. So do stop on by, say hello, and squish these beautiful samples.   You can catch up with all the latest news and announcements for the This is Knit, Woollinn stand here.    


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