Bealtaine “ The Official Woollinn Shawl"

May 11 2018 – Nadia Coburn

Bealtaine “ The Official Woollinn Shawl" - This is Knit
Bealtaine “ The Official Woollinn Shawl" - This is Knit
  From now until Woollinn on May 25th we will be sharing sneak peaks on the TIK blog about what you can expect to see from us on the This is Knit stand at Woollinn. In fact, there is so much that we are finding it hard to squeeze it all in! Today we are taking a look at Bealtaine - The Official Woollinn Shawl.     When we decided to have an official Woollinn shawl we knew that it had to be designed by Carol Feller. To top it off Carol was so excited we decided to take it one step further and have an exclusive shade of her yarn, Nua, for the festival,  which is aptly called 'Woollinn'. The colour is a beautiful rich teal; a green yarn with hints of blue that is somewhat reminiscent of the Irish Sea.


This is an interesting vortex shaped shawl which is worked on the bias from side to side. Starting with a small number of stitches you slowly increase while moving between relaxing garter stitch and an easily memorized lace pattern. The stepped edge is created by simple periodic decreases which help you get into the rhythm of the shawl. To complete the shawl there is a picot bind off for an elegant finish.  


Every kit purchase will come with 5 skeins of that delicious Nua yarn in the Woollinn colourway as well as a print copy of the show brochure which includes a copy of the Bealtaine pattern. Please note that these shawl kits are available for Pre-Order Only and collection at Woollinn. Kits are available for pick up at the This is Knit stand at the festival on May 25th and 26th. For more information and to reserve your kit click here. There will be a limited number of kits available for purchase at the festival but we are suggesting that people reserve their kit to avoid disappointment.  


There is one thing that the spirit of the shawl represents is togetherness and the number of people who have come together to make Woollinn possible. Carol designed the shawl and the This is Knit sample was knitted by staff member Joy Walsh who whipped the shawl off the needles in under a week and loved every moment! The photos for the shawl above and those in the pattern supplied in the kit are taken by Nadia Seaver who is the Woollinn Yarn in Ireland panel host and TIK staff member and to top it all off, Woollinn event organiser Lisa is our wonderful model.  If you want to know more about the Bealtaine Shawl, why not make a cuppa and catch up on the Instagram Live interview with Carol and Lisa below. Don't forget to pop over and reserve you shawl kit here.       You can catch up with all the latest news and announcements for the This is Knit, Woollinn stand here.


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