December 08 2017 – Lisa

Tread - This is Knit
Tread - This is Knit
Sometimes a pattern comes along that is one skein's worth of perfection. A design that takes one decidedly posh unit of yarn and gives you permission to *go for it*, because you know it will turn out this beautifully: That pattern is "Tread" and it was designed specifically to use one skein of Woolfolk Far, a cloud-like yarn comprised of a 100% Merino Wool so fine that it feels like cashmere. Jenny worked up our sample, and she pushed the boat out by going for the slouchy version given in the pattern. It wasn't clear if she would need a second skein for this style, but thankfully she finished up with a comfortable amount of yarn left over. The stitch pattern used is simple and easily memorised. Jenny finished her hat in just a handful of nights and topped with one of favourite faux fur pom-poms. The fibres in this yarn are known as "Ovis 21 Ultimate Merino" (c) and they are sourced by an organisation that is dedicated to increasing the profitability of farms in the Patagonian region of Argentina. This rare fleece is unique, beautiful and sustainably-produced. All these characteristics combine to give a finished hat that is both lightweight and warm. The chalky tones in the Far range give a lux, and decidedly posh finish to this simple quick knit. With gift-giving season upon us, there's a lot to be said for a quick knit that has such wow-factor. Wrap it lovingly in tissue paper, pop it in a carefully-chosen gift box, and just wait for *that* moment when they feel the kitten-soft fibres for the first time...    


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