Bright and Shiny… and Operational!

April 02 2007 – thisisknit

And now we have daylight pictures with actual people in them :) mary-and-deirdre.jpg            gathering.jpg The new shop has had a great reaction so far. We kicked off with Intro to Sock Knitting Part II, which took place in our on site "classroom" (which was just a bit untidy, but the girls forgave us...). We had lots of visits from friends, regulars and new customers and we generally had a ball. Jacqui and I are really pleased and we'll continue to plot and plan to fill the shop with the best yarns and to run some great events. Keep an eye out for news of the "Grand Opening" on the 10th of May - it's going to be a great one! Thanks so much to everyone for the shop warming gifts and to all for the good wishes and supportive comments on the blog! We have to share this inpsired contribution from Antje - not only are these the best fairy cakes we've ever tasted but they spell out "Yay Yarn!" too. This girl is just the salt (and sugar) of the earth! yay-yarn.jpg And in a continuation of the "we are ridiculously spoiled by the people around us" theme, the wonder-counter-construction duo showed up last thing on Saturday with these goodies: celebrate.jpg It has been all about recovery today but I can guarantee you we will be back up to full strength for our first weekday opening this Wednesday.  See you then!


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    […] shop is lovely. I didn’t take pictures but you can see for yourself here. It is really bright and airy, and having such good light really shows off the yarn. There is a […]

  • Mary: September 16, 2020
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    Congratulations on the lovely shop and its wonderful contents.

    Grand opening 10th May – intriguing! I’ll be there.

  • Lien: September 16, 2020
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    I’m so glad I got a chance to stop in this weekend. The shop really does look fabulous, you guys. Great job. The yarn just looks so much yummier in the great natural lighting!

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