I love you much more than...

January 30 2015 – thisisknit

Love We know for some of you the 14th of Feb is a key date in your calendar, and for others it's a "Hallmark Holiday" to be ignored. But... if you indulge your hidden romantic for a moment to join our fun "Valentine Verse" competition then you could WIN a skein of delicious "Pembroke Silk" from Townhouse Yarns. Pembroke So, impossible as it is to imagine, there are some people in our lives that we love more than our craft, and we're asking you to complete the phrase "I love you much more than..." along a knitting or crochet theme. For example: I love you much more than Pure Cashmere Scarves, made of hand-dyed yarns from far away shores. or how about: I love you much more than my Colour Affection, perhaps you might buy me the yarn for my next one? or even: I love you much more than my whole yarn stash, And, really, you know how much I love that! Simply post your entry (or entries) in the comments below, and we will select a lucky winner on Valentines Day!


  • Care Dunne: September 16, 2020
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    I love you much more than this spectacular, not-one-bit-scratchy, time-consuming, elaborate Fairisle jumper I just finished. So here: you can have it.

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