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February 28 2012 – thisisknit

One of the new yarns for Spring/Summer 2012 has made us so happy. It's Louisa Harding's Mulberry, which has recently come back into stock. As the name suggests, it's pure silk. It's a lovely firmly plied DK weight, and it's available in lots of vibrant colours. As a display item for Mulberry, we have had entrusted to us a wonderful piece of lace. We've blogged KittyKahBoom's work before: A E's christening shawl back in March of last year. Her Mulberry shawl is an Aeolian, and it's breathtaking: Although this is the shoulderette size, this is a very generously sized shawl indeed. It's a marvellous piece of knitting - here's a shot of the border, with delicious Estonian nupps and the weighty drape of the silk. So if you're intending to make something special for a celebration this year, then Mulberry might be the perfect yarn (you might remember that it was the yarn Nikki used for her wedding dress too). It'll work for garments as well as accessories and would complement other yarns beautifully if you decided to combine. We just have one favour to ask: could we please see your finished articles? You know how much we love that!

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