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January 27 2012 – thisisknit

May we introduce Bessie, who oversees the shop from the wall above the counter. (Please excuse the ceiling fan blade in that picture - she gets quite hot up there, what with the fleece and all, so she appreciates the air current.) Bessie's with us because of one of those typical This Is Knit bits of serendipity. Last year, at one of the spinning events on the balcony, Lisa noticed one of our awfully talented customers called Eimear drawing a doodle. The idea of having a mural of a large and affable sheep was born, and Bessie came into being during the shop move (there's a picture of her appearance here). But we're happy to report that we've recently started selling more of Eimear's work, in the form of these beautiful shawl pins: We're very proud of these. They're a This Is Knit exclusive - Eimear's simple and stunning design, commissioned from Novasteel, the brother and sister team based near Agen in south-western France. They make the other pins and brooches that we stock (the ones we blogged here) as well as our blocking wires. So if you're looking for an original gift for yourself or someone else, one of these shawl pins would be perfect. And Bessie would approve.


  • Janine: September 16, 2020
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    The shawl pin is lovely – what is the yarn/colourway that it is pinned to?

  • Ivie: September 16, 2020
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    Wondering how much the shawl pin is?

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