A wee touch of lace

June 21 2011 – thisisknit

How's this for a lovely jumper? It's called George, and it's a Louisa Harding pattern from the Ianthe pattern book (and there's twelve other lovely patterns in there too). Ianthe is a DK weight 50% merino/50% cotton mix. The cotton makes it lovely and summery and it has "give" from the wool, and these two properties make it ideal for a little bit of lace. The sleeves and the bottom edge of George have lovely layers of a simple lace pattern. Without them it would be just another long-sleeved summer top - with them, it's got a little touch of luxury. It's worked flat, though if you wanted you could easily make it seamlessly. This is the sort of thing that Louisa does so well - a simple shape with adorable details and texture. And what could be better for an Irish summer than a combination of coziness and luxury in the softest yarn?


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