Coachella Calling!

July 06 2010 – thisisknit

The weather just keeps on getting better - so much so that I (Charlene) am finding it really hard to keep going with my current WIP, which is another All-Seasons Cardi in the luscious Malabrigo Lace. It's just too hot for this yummy stuff - my fingers keep sticking to the yarn and the needles and what would be a quick knit in a chilly October has become a long-drawn out slog in this sweltering summer! Of course, I still want to knit and create, so I've been thinking of other things to make that will both be fun to knit in the heat and also nice to wear in the heat. Definitely at the top of my list at the moment is the fabulous Coachella, a fitted sleeveless top with an interesting neckline from Knitty's Summer 2007 issue. Our own dear Elana knitted the Coachella from a perfect summer yarn - Rowan Purelife Revive. This yarn is a DK recycled from used silk, cotton and viscose garments which are carded to make regenerated fiber, then spun into a beautiful, high quality yarn. The finished result (as you can see here) is a super-flattering summer knit that you can actually comfortably knit in summer weather!

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  • Elana: September 16, 2020
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    I wore it last night to a bookstore reception: it was about 30 degrees in the shop before people were in there, very little breeze. I didn’t feel over-heated at all, was LOVING it. Will look better with a tan :-D. Must come up with something else to make with the Revive, I love the wool!

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