Eye catching Accessories at Yarnporium

October 15 2018 – Nadia Coburn

Eye catching Accessories at Yarnporium - This is Knit
Eye catching Accessories at Yarnporium - This is Knit
    Yarn is absolutely our first love, but what exhibitor stand is complete without some fabulous accessories? We'll be bringing along the Fringe Field Bag range *and* our exclusive Emerald Fibre Bag to Yarnporium this November.

Fringe Field Bags

At this is Knit we are a little picky about what we want from our project bags. The Fringe Field bags are one of our most popular accessories and it's easy to see why. From their 10 oz cotton canvas to the beautiful and understated leather carry loop, these bags are expertly assembled from quality materials. They also offer ample room for your special projects and stay upright when in use, so your yarn can flow freely from the opening. The interior of the bag has separate panels.  On one interior wall the panel is divided into one medium-sized pocket (perfect for your phone and/or small notebook) and three narrow pockets for needles, tools or writing implements. On the opposite interior wall is one long pocket, sized to hold a folded pattern. That pocket is also punctuated by three smooth antiqued grommets for those times when you’re working from multiple balls and could use a little help keeping them untangled. Whether you’re alternating skeins or doing colourwork, simply run the yarns up through the guides and they’ll keep your project right on track.  

Emerald Fibre Bags

For those of you looking for an embellished project bag, our Emerald Fibre bags might be just the ticket. These are an exclusive design for This is Knit and are the product of a wonderful collaboration between local artist (and TIK team member) Eimear Earley, and Ciara of Emerald Fibers. The iconic Ha’penny Bridge is set against a tonal hand-wound ball of yarn in shades that are reminiscent of water and sky. Ciara is a highly skilled seamstress and these project bags really show off her experience and diligent attention to detail. This drawstring project bag is large enough to fit a sweater WIP.  It is made from medium weight cotton canvas, with naturally seeded cotton canvas linings and a woven cotton carry loop. The interior of the bag contains four internal pockets and an antique brass clip to hold scissors/stitch markers so that you no longer have to worry about snagging your knitting.   So there you have it, two very different but wonderful project bags that will be gracing our stand at Yarnporium this November. Will you be joining us in London? Don't worry if you can't, there'll still be plenty of temptation on the shelves of our shop in Powerscourt Townhouse and there'll be some new yarns for you to squidge very soon!


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