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April 20 2012 – thisisknit

We've talked a good bit in recent weeks about our new online shop and some of the spiffing things it can do. There's another innovation we've been rather pleased with in recent months: our booking system for classes and events. We thought it might be useful to tell you how it works, so here's a walkthrough. When you see something you'd like to attend, whether it's one of our classes or a special event like the Yarn Tasting, you start the booking by clicking on the blue button (we've put an arrow pointing to it): This brings you to the booking form, where you enter your details, and where you can also add any useful information, like whether you need wheelchair access or what sort of project you need help with: When you've filled in your details and clicked on "Book Now", you'll be brought to a page telling you to check your email inbox - we'll just have sent you an email with a link for confirming your booking: Beware! At this point your booking isn't complete - you'll need to open that email, which will look rather like this: Click on the link contained in that email, and you'll be brought back to the final booking page. At this point, your booking has been made, and the only thing that remains is payment. You can use your PayPal account to make the payment or you can call us on (+353) (0)1-6709981 with your credit card details. That page also includes your booking reference number and information on our cancellation policy. If you've got any questions on the booking process, post in the Comments below to ask. One final word: we're planning a number of exciting events in the coming months (shhhh!), so keep an eye here and on our Twitter feed for updates!


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