Quotidian Colourwork with Felicity Ford

October 31 2017 – Lisa

Quotidian Colourwork with Felicity Ford - This is Knit
Quotidian Colourwork with Felicity Ford - This is Knit
Join Felicity Ford on Saturday the 3rd of February 2018 for a Full Day Workshop on creating your own stranded colourwork patterns!

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In this workshop you will learn how to creatively translate the everyday things you love into stranded colourwork using the KNITSONIK system. Bring along a treasured object or image from which to develop a yarn palette, charts and shading schemes. In class, you will create a bespoke palette based on your inspiration source with which to knit and explore your own experimental motifs and shading schemes. Felicity will be bringing along a full palette of Jamieson and Smith yarns for you all to "play" with, and these materials are included in the workshop price. If you'd like to learn more about what a Quotidian Colourwork entails then you might like to pop over to Felicity's blog and enjoy her posts detailing these wonderful examples of student swatches. We've opted to go for a full day workshop so that all of you colour aficionados out there can really get immersed in the Knitsonik Method.  We can't wait to see your inspiration items, which can be anything at all: landscapes and buildings have featured heavily in Felcity's previous workshops, but the odd pineapple and pair of trainers have popped up too!  But, more than that, we're very excited to see all the new and original stranded colourwork designs that will emerge from a day in the the company of this talented lady:  

About Felicity:

Felicity Ford AKA Felix likes celebrating everyday contexts in knitting and sound. In 2014 she self-published the KNITSONIK Stranded Colourwork Sourcebook with the help of 447 backers on Kickstarter; in 2018, she is launching the KNITSONIK Stranded Colourwork Playbook to provide knitters everywhere with further tools and projects through which to turn normal, everyday stuff into life-affirming hand-knits. Felix loves all the colours and all the sounds: brickwork, factories, biscuit tins and tarmac are some of her favourite inspirations and if she’s not translating them into stranded colourwork for her knitting, she can often be found making field-recordings of them for her sound work. Felix's favourite things are helping other knitters to celebrate life in stranded colourwork and making field recordings of sheep. She lived in Ireland from 1997 – 2004 and is thrilled to be returning to teach at This is Knit! www.knitsonik.com .....

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Saturday 3rd Feb 2018, 10am to 5pm

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