The Este Top

November 22 2017 – Lisa

The Este Top - This is Knit
The Este Top - This is Knit
Today I'm handing the reins over to Jacqui again, as she tells us a little more about the Este Top that she knit last summer. The pictures have me dreaming of warmer weather but, in the right shade, this top could work very well as festive-season knit.  Think deep reds or rich golds... maybe even a sprinkling of beads? Who doesn't love a bit of bling? Choose a size with minimal ease and you'll be sparkling your way through those parties in hand-knit style...   I was lucky enough back in July to take part in Justyna's Eastern Uncrossed knitting workshop.  I hadn't been able to knit for a couple of months due to an extremely sore elbow and I was eager to investigate this method of knitting in the hope that I would be able to free up the strain on this joint. The workshop was wonderful and I'm delighted to have a "back up" method of knitting now (although I still need practice!).  During the class I couldn't stop admiring the the beautiful knitted tee shirt that Justyna was wearing. I fell completely in love with Este and my knitting mojo returned in full force. Searching the shop floor I figured that the Fibre Company Meadow yarn would suit the Este pattern beautifully. My swatch told me that I needed to use 3.5mm needles and then I was away! I made a few small adjustments: I added more length to the body and I also continued the lace pattern down on the sleeve cap by just one extra repeat. I am in love with the outcome in this light, lofty and drapey yarn. Jacqui's top was knit with approximately 1.5 skeins of the Fibre Company "Meadow" in Bellflower. The original design is intended to be worn with a roomy six to ten inches of positive ease whereas Jacqui chose a much closer-fitting finished measurement. If you're planning a similar top then be sure to look closely at the sizing options before casting on. Lastly, if you suffer from any knitting-related injuries then you might be interested in this upcoming *free* mini-workshop on Somatic Movement for Knitters. I'll definitely be taking part and I'm going to insist that Jacqui does too!  


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