TNNA Day 0

June 11 2009 – thisisknit

Greetings from Columbus, Ohio!!! Jacqui and I are here for TNNA - three and half days of yarn-filled fun, education, sampling and networking. It is 3am where you are but just 10pm here and I am struggling valiantly to combat jet lag by staying up as long as possible! We have had a long day of travelling but it all went off pretty much without a hitch. The "get the knitting on the plane" plan worked out great. KnitPro Symfonie Tips in the bottom of the make up bag (so they look like eye or lip pencils) and the cables in with the laptop power cable/mobile phone charger (so they are completely indistinct). Top that off with the yarn for a project not-yet-cast-on and you *should* pass the security checks :) Knitting 1 - Rest of the World 0 I got a fair bit done on the plane: two swatches for a design class I am taking and pretty much two full repeats of the second half of my wedding shawl. Knitting 2 - Rest of the World 0 I did, however, manage to lose about six of the Swarovski beads en route as the space constraints of modern travel resulted in me tipping over the little tray I was keeping the beads in... :( Knitting 2 - Rest of the World 1 A two hour stop over in Chicago gave us the opportunity to sample some of the local fare (read "beer")... so the game and I took a little break at this point... 312 Beer Damn nice beer it was too! A short delay to the Columbus flight then allowed me to cast on with some Dublin Dye Co Sock Yarn that has been begging to be loved for months now... The colourway is "Gwendola" and pics will follow... Knitting 3 - Rest of the World 1 ...and also resulted in a brief impromptu knitting lesson at the Gate with a lovely lady from Portland, Oregon who has been trying to learn recently (turns out she has been adding stitches by having her yarn hanging down the wrong side every time she starts a new row). Knitting 4 - Rest of the World 1 When we arrived in Columbus we had a quick taxi trip to the hotel and we are now going to rest up before classes kick off tomorrow afternoon. It has been a good day for knitting but, I expect, tomorrow will be even better.


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