Townhouse Yarns at Yarnporium

October 30 2018 – Nadia Coburn

Townhouse Yarns at Yarnporium - This is Knit
Townhouse Yarns at Yarnporium - This is Knit
In today's post we'll be wrapping up our series of Yarnporium previews with a closer look at some Townhouse Yarns projects that we'll be highlighting at the Show. If you missed any of our earlier posts then you can catch up with all the Yarnporium news right here.

Birds of a Feather

Remember we mentioned the Pointe Shawl a little while ago? She's a real beauty, but we're aware that Pointe is a project involving some advanced techniques. After a little Ravelry research, we realised that Andrea Mowry's stunning Birds of a Feather Shawl uses pretty much the same amount of yarn as Pointe, but it's a project that's easily tackled by an intermediate (or enthusiastic beginner) knitters. Hurray! Dreamy Mohair and Silk combinations for all! So on our stand we will have five varieties of "Textured Yarn Combos" in crisp shiny packets, calling out to be made in to Pointe, Birds of a Feather, or maybe even an Elton Cardigan (yep, Joy has one of those on the needles too - she's unstoppable!). I asked Jacqui to tell me a little more about her experience of making Birds of a Feather:
Having seen Joy and Jenny's beautiful Pointe Shawls using Fade St and Aura Lace I really wanted to use these two yarn combinations. So I decided to cast on for the Birds of a Feather pattern which I'd seen in the Laine magazine and had been on my wish list for a while! The pattern flows beautifully, garter stitch segments alternating between the 2 yarns, increasing stitches as you go whilst maintaining a central double decrease in the centre of the work. Every so often Andrea throws in a feather and fan section, which keeps things interesting, so it is a pattern suitable for both new and experienced shawl knitters! The pattern changes direction half way along but maintains the central decrease creating a distinctive shape. The end result is a light, roomy and airy shawl with plenty of length to wrap around your shoulders with ease!

Myra Hat

If you're on the hunt for a new hat (and who wouldn't be, with the way the cold weather has kicked in so suddenly), then we'll have a very limited run of Myra Hat Kits available too. Jenny's original combination of Dazzle in Drury DK and a Cotton Candy Pom Pom is both eye-catching and playful. The twisted rib creates an elastic but firm brim, ensuring the hat will stay in place when the cold wind bites. The slipped stitches cut pleasingly through the multicolour stockinette background, highlighting the fluorescent shades in the diamond "windows". And when all this is topped with one of our generously sized luxury pom poms, there's just no winter day that wouldn't be brightened by wearing this hat... So, will we see you at Yarnporium? You'll find us at Stand 40 ;) We're really looking forward to being part of this incredible show in the heart of London, to making new friends, and to catching up with old ones while we're there too. Birds of a Feather images (c) Nadia of the Cottage Notebook  


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