Beauty and the Frog

February 05 2007 – thisisknit

As it turns out, a Lion and Lamb Mobius is beautiful even in defeat. This is how the river stitch looked mid-frog: mobiusdust.gif And then all wrapped up and ready for another try. mobiusdusted.gif I'm about six rows in to Mobius Version II, this time in Roman Column lace stitch. No photos as yet cause everything's all bunched up on the needles and hard to make out... Lace class was great fun on Saturday. But more on that tomorrow :) New Spring/Summer Debbie Bliss yarns and patterns will also be landing on the website soon. was nice and sunny today! Watch this space. What's that? You want a preview? Well, ok then, just a little one... summeresslrg.gif                         Pure Cotton


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