May 07 2013 – thisisknit

Just look at those lovely tips! They're the business end of our new needle offerings, ChiaoGoo Red Lace. We've got them both in fixed circulars and as an interchangeable set. The fixed needles are 100cm long, and they have lovely smooth nylon-coated steel cables in a distinctive red. They're an ideal length for any size of project, including anything done by Magic Loop. We also have the Small interchangeable set, and it's ever so clever. You get seven pairs of tips all the way from 2.75mm to 5.00mm, and three cables (60cm, 80cm and 100cm). In addition to the well-designed case (it zips and it's got handy compartments for bits and pieces), you get a pair of end caps to keep your stitches safe if you need to use the tips for another project, two cord keys for making secure connections, a handy needle gauge with a ruler, and a generous selection of colourful stitch markers. It's a perfect gift for yourself or someone dear to you, and we're eyeing it rather avidly ourselves. And oh! those pointypointy stainless steel tips!


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