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May 10 2013 – thisisknit

When you're following a pattern, it saves so much time to be able to read it at a glance and know exactly where you are in it. So a tool like this Knitpro Magma Chart Keeper is invaluable. If you're off on your travels, or just heading out to your knit and crochet group, it's a smart folder which holds your pages safely, with room for a pen and a few notions. But when you've settled down to follow your pattern, it comes into its own. It flips open and fastens securely to stand upright. Then you can hold your pattern page in place with the three little magnets that come with the Chart Keeper. But there's another magnet too: a long strip of it, which you can place across your page marking the line of the chart you're working on. No losing your place now. By the way, we recommend that you place the strip above the chart line you're working, so you can see how your current row or round relates to what's below it, both in your knitting and on paper. (That's the chart for the Braidheart cowl or scarf, the pattern that we use in our Knitting Cables class - there's a glimpse of the finished article in the top image.) It's the handiest thing, and it makes following charts even simpler.


  • Stew: September 16, 2020
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    I love my chart keeper! I usually knit from my laptop screen, but sometimes it’s nice to print out something, particularly complicated lace, and go “off-line” with it. :) So handy for travel too.

  • Caroline: September 16, 2020
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    I want! Fantastic!
    Thank you! :)

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