November 28 2017 – Lisa

Ennui - This is Knit
Ennui - This is Knit
I've been absolutely dying to tell you all about this beautiful shawl that Jacqui knit a little while ago. I've been sneaking the odd image in to our social media (I couldn't help myself), but now it's finally time to fill your screens with this project in all its gradient glory... The pattern is Ennui, and it's freely available on Knitty.com, but when you click that link you may not even recognise it as the same shawl!  The original design used 4 different shades of Malabrigo Silky Merino, whereas our shop version made use of the gorgeous gradients in Bilum Slika and set them off against the almost-neutral soft pinks of "Lush" in Clarendon Sock.  Here's a handy link to the yarn bundle, because I know you're head-over-heels for this combination already, right? This shawl is one of those projects that's almost impossible to put down. When working the simple garter sections the gently-shifting colours keep you captivated. Switch to the contrasting neutral and you have those little waves of pretty lace to keep you engaged. There's certainly no chance of "ennui" while knitting this design! The result? This! This! And oh! This! (I did say I was going to fill your screens...!) Ennui is a generously-sized and truly eye-catching shawl, and certainly the perfect antidote to darker days...

Would you like to make your own?

After all that excitement, it's time for a little confession: Jacqui did run out of yarn just before the end of the border. So we've included some notes below to save you from a similar fate.  It's handy to have your LYS "test knit" these things I guess! You will work the full pattern as written (using 3.75mm needles), then add one more wave section plus one more repeat of the body rows before proceeding to the border.  Following these instructions will result in a shawl that is just slightly shallower than Jacqui's version.  It won't have the final gradient garter section, but it will still be truly stunning! You can pick up the yarn bundle at this link, and the pattern note will be included with your purchase. Happy knitting!
NEEDLE SIZE USED 3.75mm (instead of 4mm) BODY OF SHAWL For the body of the shawl Bilum Slika is used as CC1 and Clarendon Sock as all other shades. CC1 – Bilum Slika CC2 – Clarendon Sock CC3 – Clarendon Sock CC4 – Clarendon Sock Important Note: You will work the full pattern as written and then add one more wave section and one more body section (rows 1 & 2).  You should have 311 stitches at this point. BORDER INSTRUCTIONS CC3 – Bilum Slika The border chart will then be repeated 26 times (although it’s ok if you finish a few rows short of a full repeat).


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