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May 08 2018 – Lisa

Woolly Mammoth Fibres - This is Knit
Woolly Mammoth Fibres - This is Knit
It's time to have a look at some of the wonderful things the TIK team will be bringing to Woollinn! We have tried to fill our stand with special yarns, accessories and things to make you squee. So grab a pen and add to that already-growing list of things to pick up at Woollinn. PhotoCredit: Emma Robinson

Woolly Mammoth Fibre Co.

We have been drooling over Emma's Instagram images of her naturally dyed yarn for some time now, so when the opportunity came up to stock her yarns at our Woollinn stand we jumped at the chance.  For those of you who haven't heard of the talented Emma Robinson, or her beautiful wares, here's a little of her back story...     Emma Robison of The Woolly Mammoth Fibre Company.    Woolly Mammoth Fibre Company is a small hand dyeing and spinning studio based on the North Coast of Northern Ireland, created by Emma Robinson. Emma started Woolly Mammoth Fibre Co. in  October 2017 with a focus on natural dyeing and about provenance/ traceability in yarn, for this reason, you will always see 'Fibre Origins' on her yarn labels and all yarns are non-superwash and nylon free. A large majority of the wools used in Woolly Mammoth yarns are sourced and spun in the UK, and are British or rare breeds. They are all dyed with natural dye extracts, seasonal foraged material or kitchen waste.   Emma's "Little Twigs" Sweater (Pattern by Melody Hoffman)   On the stand, we will have both the luxurious BFL/Masham DK and the BFL/Masham 4ply in Emma's signature earthy tones. These will mostly be available as sweater and shawl sets on the day, with a limited number of individual skeins too. Details of the BFL/Masham DK sets will be announced soon (keep an eye on our social media over the next few weeks), while the BFL/Masham 4ply bundles have been brought together for the Dunedin Shawl pattern by Lucy Hague (pictured below).   The Dunedin Shawl in BFL/Masham 4ply (knit by Joy Walsh) Don’t forget to pop these beautiful, limited edition sets on your list. As the skeins are specially dyed for the show and the skeins are produced by natural dyeing, each kit is truly a unique gem, meaning once they are gone they are gone. We will also have the gorgeous samples on display at Woollinn for you to squish, smell, drool over… Keep popping back for more delicious goodie announcements this week for the TIK Woollinn stand. Just 2 Weeks to go.....!    


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