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Gail Hurley
Colorwork FAL

I enjoyed the lessons in this FAL. I have worked colorwork before but never understood the concept of dominant color. Lisa explained this very well & I love the idea that I can refresh my memory whenever I need to by going back to the lesson. will be visiting Dublin in September of this year so I will be sure to wear my Pink Lemonade Cowl for that visit.
Thanks again,
West Springfield, MA - USA

Angela Tynan
Colourwork Follow Along

This is an excellent tutorial stuffed with helpful hints and tips. Lisa is an excellent teacher whose perfect soothing tone makes it all crystal clear. The colour dominance was a revelation and I've now added holding the other colour in left hand continental style to my skill set! The extra techniques will be so useful to have saved - rather than having to hunt down random YouTube videos to remind me of cast on's etc.
PS. When I bravely launched into a fair isle tank top as my first (and only) colour work I made every mistake in the book - if only I'd had the benefit of this support I wouldn't be mortified every time my husband insists on wearing it!


Really enjoying this. The explanations and videos are excellent. Feel I need to watch demonstrations a few times before starting to knit. Looking forward to the process.

Monica Russell
At the Start Line for Colorwork

I am an English knitter, so I am practicing Continental knitting. What a great idea to practice the style that you are not familiar with. It's getting easier, that's for sure. At first it felt like I had 2 left hands - LOL

Janet Lacey
Colourful Challenge

This is my third follow along with This is Knit. I have just finished knitting the Follow Along Jumper and I am just starting the one for making socks. I can say that I am really excited to follow my path on this Follow Along working with two colours as I’m not good with knitting that has more than one colour.
In the first Follow Along Lisa and her team supported you every step of the way via video lessons and being available for any of those times you felt that you needed extra clarity. Plus you can go along at your own speed. A bonus for me as I am a very slow knitter.
After seeing the first video lesson, I feel that Lisa will breakdown the mystery of working with more than colour and working with colour charts.
If you have always wanted to try knitting with a few colours with an interwoven pattern, but been a bit scared to try. I would purchase this Follow Along. You get a link to the video lessons that are with you for ever and access to Lisa and her team. Plus you can also purchase a ready made up kit of yarns required in some lovely colours. Go for it, what have you got to lose. 😀

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