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Let's talk needles

Needle size: The Snug and the Slouchy Cowls both suggest 4.5mm and 5mm circular needles but remember your gauge may vary.

Needle length: a 40cm cable length is required for the Snug Cowl, and a 40cm - 60cm cable length can be used for the Slouchy Cowl.

Knitting in the round: The cowls are both knitted in the round so you will need to be familiar with this technique - or adventurous and happy to try it.

My First Colourwork Follow Along - This is Knit

Why are we working in the round?

Glad you asked! There are a few reasons -

  1. The knit stitch - all the way! Knitting stockinette in the round has the great advantage of only needing one type of stitch: the knit stitch. This lets you focus all your attention on the new techniques covered in the FAL, without the need to negotiate floats on the reverse of your work.
  2. Visibility. When working in the round you are always looking at the right side (or public side) of your project. This makes the process of following a knitted chart far easier and should result in fewer diversions for fixing mistakes along with way.

Snug Cowl Pattern

The "sweet and neat" option that will tuck tidily inside your jacket or coat. A quicker knit, an ideal gift and a pattern that you can make again and again.

Download Pattern PDF

Slouchy Cowl Pattern

A version with just a touch more drape, bringing the snuggle factor to the next level.

A little more knitting? Yes. But worth it? Absolutely!

Download Pattern PDF

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In the lesson above we go through how to choose the right yarn for your project.

The Snug and Slouchy patterns both call for aran or worsted weight yarn and we recommend picking up 100g or approx 200m of each shade to ensure you have plenty for your chosen project.

If you're unsure if the yarn you have your eye on is suitable or the right quantity then please reach out to us using the chat function at the bottom of this page.

This will depend on your own tension, but the needle sizes recommended in both the snug and slouchy versions of the Pink Lemonade Cowl patterns are 4.5mm (US 7) for the edging and 5mm (US 8) for the main fabric.

Simply pop your query in the chat box at the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

A member of the TIK Team will get back to you within one working day.